Interested in buying or gifting my book and not sure what else you'll need? I've written a lot about all my favorite supplies in Chapter 2 including things you probably already have at home  -- like a regular ol' pencil! -- but here are the five basics (plus the book!) you'll need to get started:

I'd buy two to start!

I'd buy two to start!

Below I've compiled the art supplies I buy and use, again and again!

Rhodia paper pads (lined + blank) are probably the items I re-order the most. The smoothness of the paper is perfect for pointed-pen calligraphy.

The only white ink I use! 

Out of all the nibs available, I use the Nikko and Zebra the most.

I use this plastic case to hold my W&N watercolor paints.

The brush pen I use the most.

Perfect paint marker for mirror writing.

I use these eye dropper vials to hold water and gum arabic. Fun to use for essential oils, too!

Take your metallic inks to a whole other shimmery level by adding pearl ex pigment. 

I love the vibrant colors of this watercolor pod set! Perfect for kiddos.

I use pipettes all the time to transfer/add ink and water. You can buy a bajillion at a time for super cheap.

These paintbrushes hold the water inside them! Great for traveling.

A gold paint marker that is actually gold.

I use this tape for making guidelines on large surfaces.

I have a washi tape problem, and I'm not afraid to admit it.

My go-to watercolor paper. I love that it comes in a block so the pages don't buckle.

My favorite part about this metallic palette is that you can replace the individual pods.

Winsor & Newton watercolor and gouache paints are worth every single penny.

Gum arabic acts as a binding agent, and can be added to ink mixtures to increase viscosity, transparency, and glossiness. I typically use it in liquid form, but will use the powdered version if I'm mixing with Pearl Ex pigment or if I'm traveling.

I love the dual tip of this brush pen. The large end is super flexible and amazing for large lettering.

The glue gun I use with wax if I'm wax sealing a ton of envelopes all at once. 

I spill therefore I Shout Wipe.

The only black ink I use!

The best pen for beginners.

If I were stranded on an island and could only have a few things, I would want one of these pencils. Oh, and the two-part sharpener below.

erasers that double as squeeze stress relief.

I recently discovered these chalkboard markers and they write soooo smoothly.

The invention of wax in glue stick form is pure genius.

These paper towels don't snag on your nib! 

Put some Windex on it! My go-to nib primer.