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First of all, I must give credit to Joanna Goddard for blogging about this first in her delightful "A Cup of Jo". I just couldn't resist sharing this with you!

Stephen Wiltshire, an autistic artist from London, has one very special talent: he draws cityscapes from memory. Wiltshire didn't completely learn how to talk until he was nine years old. He was diagnosed with autisim when he was three and until the age of five, he was completely mute. It was not until his teachers took away his art utensils as a way to encourage communication did Wiltshire speak. His first word? "Paper". Wiltshire, who is now thirty-five, recently took a helicopter ride over Manhattan that lasted only a matter of minutes. Afterwards, he sketched the entire NYC skyline completely from memory, proportionately drawing every building with a pen; this was his ninth panoramic work of a cityscape. The twenty feet of meticulous detailing, all from what he remembers, proves to be nothing short of an amazing & breathtaking talent. It is a gift that has earned him the title of the "leading architectural artist of the world".
images from Wiltshire's online gallery
As reported this morning in a Reuters news article, Wiltshire smiles and recalls the city as "the noises, the bright lights on Broadway". His personal website suggests that New York is his "spiritual home".
"I'm going to live in New York.
I've designed my penthouse on Park Avenue."
- Stephen Wiltshire
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