Ailments & Goodies

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Before I begin with what I actually intend to blog about, I need to tell you about my bug bite. Yes, my bug bite.

At some point over the course of this past weekend, a bug bit me. (ouch, Chawlie!) And we're not talking about a nice little baby bug. We're talking about a monstrous, grutesque and MEAN bug. It attacked the top of my left wrist leaving it red, incredibly swollen and itchy beyond belief. The redness even extended up my arm to my neck and face last night. (what the hell did this critter inject?)

So here I sit...dragging the metal inside of my stapler across my hand.


This, of course, occurred immediately after my pulled neck muscle started to get better. Note to self: even if you are looking for a fabulous birthday-girl outfit, there is no hope in trying anything on when you cannot move your neck.

I found this out the hard way. In Loehmann's....ahem, in Loehmann's communal dressing room.

All I have to say is that it is a very humbling experience to have a complete stranger help you emerge from the neck-hole of a top -- as opposed to the sleeve in which I was stuck. And seeing as the top was two-sizes-too-small, I can now regretfully empathize with the Orca whales that get tangled in fishermen's nets.

~clearing my throat~

So now that you're caught up on my recent ailments, I'd like to share a super easy last-minute recipe. With Thanksgiving later this week (yowza!), you may find yourself in a pickle when it comes to having enough dessert for everyone. This is a good alternative to the traditional desserts and you probably already have the ingredients in your pantry! I plan on making this tonight as a farewell to the BF who's been staying with me the past two months and is moving out on Thursday.

............Okay, okay - you caught me. Farewell, schmarewell. It's totally comfort food for this little lady. I'll just say that goodbyes are not my forte.

Alas, bring on the sugah'!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie
1 graham cracker pie crust (or Oreo, if you're feelin' extra fancy)
1 cup confectioners sugar
3/4 cup smooth peanut butter (i'm a Jif fan)
1 box chocolate pudding (not instant, must be cooked)
Cool "wHip"
Mix peanut butter and sugar until crumbly and pour into pie crust.
Pack it down with spoon or spatula.
Leave 1 tablespoon aside for garnish.
Cook pudding according to directions on box and pour over peanut butter mixture.
Refrigerate immediately.
When cooled, top with Cool Whip and garnish with remaining peanut butter mixture.


until next time,