I'm baaaaack

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I've experienced my first sad return to the city. ~Sniffle~

Perhaps it has something to do with where I left.

It's hard to go from seeing something like this every morning...

to something like this.

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My boyfriend and I ventured to St. Thomas for a wedding. Six days and one freckly-tan later, I'm the freezing my sweltering apartment.  My freshly sun-kissed skin is now transitioning from air conditioning and 85-degree weather to an unspeakable frigid wind chill and stifling radiator steam. And my inner child is wondering why it had to sit in front of a computer screen all day instead of getting to play in the ocean.

(And my inner grown-up is wondering "where the hell is my pina colada?!")

Vacations like the one I just had - the serene, calm, slow-paced ones - remind you to press the RESET button on life and take a moment to actually get out there and enjoy it. 

Someone once said that you'll never look back and wished you worked more. 

I've done enough work for one day. For now, I'm off to shake the sand out of my bags and give myself an hour of "vacation" before bed. 

until next time,