I'm Feeling Inspired, Folks.

inspirationVirginia HartComment
Perhaps it's time to revisit my childhood dream that I've tucked away for a few months after not making any progress.
I have a framed quote in my kitchen that reads:

"There are a lot of tempting parking spaces on the road to success."

In other words, I need to put my car into drive!

As some of you know, I am hoping to write & illustrate a series of children's books. I've written two stories and I've sent off many manuscripts - so far, no luck.
I think I need to return to the drawing board (pun intended) and get reacquainted with my passion for art. Better said - it's time to doodle! I spend so much of my time assisting my bosses/helping others with their goals and I need to start focusing on my own. Someone hand me my pencil and sketchbook!

In the meantime, I'll share with you some illustrations from one of my favorite authors & illustrators, Babette Cole.

Her drawings make both children and adults smile. Definitely noteworthy.

until next time,