What Matters

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I could sit here and tell you about how --

Today, I had my yearly review at work and heard great feedback.

or --

Tonight, I spilled an entire box of angel hair pasta on my kitchen floor and I somehow managed to not lose it during the most un-fun game of "pick up stix".

In the grand scheme of things, though, neither of these situations matter one bit. What am I really proud about? What really matters? This.

My 9-year-old nephew, my sister's oldest, has been taking bagpipe lessons from my brother. He's been saving up from birthday money, etc. over the years in a small savings account to buy his own bagpipes one day. He's such a smart little guy - he recently won $50 during a home schoolers' memorization competition. During church this past Sunday, he heard the pastor talk about what was going on in Haiti and how they were going to send an offering this coming week. After church, he went to my sister and gave her his prize money and then told her that he wanted her to take $100 out of his savings to send to Haiti.

He told her, "the pipes can wait".



Me too.

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