Goods That Do Good

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What's better than jewelry? Jewelry for a cause!

Check these two out:

Made With Love
Made with Love in Africa Recycled Rubber Bracelets
These bracelets are made from recycled rubber by women in Mali. An organization called A.S.A.O. (Association du Senegal et de l'Afrique de l'Ouest) pays the women three times the normal rate for bracelets, giving them enough means for support. A.S.A.O. then sells the bracelets in order to raise money for L'Empire des Enfants, a program established to provide shelter, meals, education and training to homeless children in Dakar.

Help Made with Love, a non-profit that supports A.S.A.O. and L'Empire des Enfants, by purchasing their bracelets. In turn, you're providing aid to both women and children in West Africa.

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You get 18 bracelets for $28 (including shipping within the US). My mom and I each have a multicolor set. I love them. If you're interested in the bracelets or any of the other Made With Love products they offer, please take a look here.


According to their website, Brazilets, or some form of "Brazilian Wish Ribbons", have actually been worn since around 1792. In the 19th century, people wore them as necklaces; they were known as "the measure of Bonfim" because they are 47 centimeters long - the length of the arm of a Christ statue located at Bahia's most famous church, The Church of Senhor do Bonfim.

Nowadays people wear them as a symbol of faith and good luck. Some tie the ribbon around their wrist with 3 knots, making a wish for each. Once it falls off, your wishes are believed to come true!
For whatever reason you choose to wear them, Brazilets provides support to the Plant A Billion Trees project. So far, the organization has planted 5, 751, 733 trees in the Atlantic Forest in Brazil, one of the world's most endangered tropical forests. Let's help them plant more!

I got these images from another online retailer that gives you the chance to see all the colors up close and personal. So hard to choose!
Plus, they're just $5! Makes a great gift. Celebs are wearing them, too - everyone from Anne Hathaway to Lauren Conrad to Condoleezza Rice to Kristin Cavallari to Susan Sarandon (who I've personally told she's great. wink.)
Whether you're sporting rubber bracelets or wishing brazilets, know that your goods are doin' good.
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