NYC "Trunk" Show

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Like many New Yorkers I spent the majority of my weekend outside. You can't go wrong with sunny 70 degree weather. It really is amazing to see the people - and their many adorable dogs - emerge from hibernation to enjoy the city once again.

Tonight, however, we have the opportunity to see much larger mammals return to the streets of NYC.


It's that time of year again and the Ringling Brothers' Circus is coming to town. As weird as it may seem, there is no way to transport elephants through the tunnels in NYC except by foot. (And in this case, large flat feet with very stubby toes.) If you're in Queens, you can watch the elephants enter the Midtown Tunnel right before midnight. If you're in Manhattan, you can watch the elephants exit the Midtown Tunnel around 12:20am. They will continue their walk down 34th street all the way to Madison Square Garden.
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Now there's something you don't see every day.
According to, there will also be clowns, stilt walkers, dancers, ponies AND a watusi this year.
What the hell is a watusi, you ask? I had to google it myself.
This is a watusi.

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Elephants and ponies and watusis, oh my!

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