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I stumbled upon a link in my twitter-feed to a list titled, "The What I Learned List", by Mark Manne in the blog, NYC Recession Diary. Mark lived in Manhattan for fifteen years before moving to Boston and he composed a long list of what he learned. Although I've only lived here for a little under 3 years, I can definitely relate. Here are a few of his tips I'd like to share about living in NYC:

1. Walk fast.

2. Faster than you think.

3. If someone is not walking fast, feel free to say something to them about it.

4. When a subway pulls into a station, stand to the sides of the doors, wait until everyone walks out and then enter.

5. When you are on a subway that pulls into a station and people do not stand to the sides of the doors, feel free to throw an elbow at them. When they look at you, say, "Excuse you".

6. There are several free things to do in NY. Shakespeare in the park, the Philharmonic, and going to the main post office on tax day. All free, all fun.

7. If you think it is a scam, it is.

8. Don't make fun of bums; they have a hard life. Give them some food if they ask you for money.

9. No matter what, never try to pet a police dog.

10. NYC is about choice; if some place does not meet your expectations, walk a block and you will find another place.

11. If approached by a livery cab, negotiate the price before you get in.

12. Stay out of Times Square. It is not for you.

13. You pay too much for your place, everything is dirty, people are loud, and yet millions of people all over the world want to live where you are right now.

14. Women hate walking on grates. Move over.

15. NYC is at its most beautiful state right after a snowstorm when everything is white and quiet. Five minutes later it will be a slushy crap grey. Enjoy it while you can. If it snows enough to close the subway, it is a snow day. Proceed to your favorite bar.

16. The Boat Basin is great the first 3 times you are there.

17. People who roller blade with headphones on are crazy.

18. Drop off your laundry; you will never do it yourself again.

19. It goes in this order: The New York Times, The Daily News, AM NY, Metro NY, The New York Post. (The NY Post goes up to the top if all you read is the sports section.)

19. You will never get a cab on Friday at 7pm in the rain.

20. If people say, "NYC is nice, but I wouldn't want to live there", tell them we wouldn't want them here anyway.

And here are 10 separate personal tips I'd like to add:

21. Invest in a good pair of rainboots. You will also accumulate about eight umbrellas. All of them will break despite how much they cost.

22. The water that comes out of the bathroom faucet is colder than in the kitchen.

23. Always tip your supers. You need them to like you.

24. Keep an extra set of apartment keys at your office. You will lock yourself out. Crawling through a neighbor's window and shimmying across the fire escape gets old.

25. Get renters insurance.

26. If you're venturing out in 4-inch heels, pack flats in your purse. Or you will hate your life.

27. You will meet people from all over the world. Learn what they have to say.

28. Celebs won't be annoyed with you if all you say to them is that you think they're great.

29. There is no such thing as buying in bulk in NYC. Unless you have ample storage. In which case, I hate you.

30. And yes, you will need to learn how to re-light the gas pilot all by your little self.

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