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I am inspired by many things.

Decor is one of them. 

After Conde Nast shut down my favorite magazine indulgence, Domino, I have been left to search elsewhere for similar finds...

...which brings me to Lonny Mag.

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Lonny Mag is an online magazine featuring home & life decor. C'mon, you can never have too many websites to scan. And Facebook, Twitter and Perez get old. The zooming, full-screen & printing options make it a perfect while-you're-eating-lunch-at-work escape. The accessibility of online magazines = instant gratification. 

A plethora of beautiful rooms and knickknacks fill the June/July 2010 issue, including a spread on one of my favorite stores to peruse in NYC - Elizabeth Bauer. And just a big ol' FYI, you can purchase the Sex and the City "love" keychain featured on page 18 of that issue at the holiday markets in Bryant Park for $10. Shhhhhhhh.

Also, if you click on decorate in the website header, you will have the choice of scanning multiple rooms for inspiration in the following categories: living rooms, dining spaces, bookshelves, work spaces, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and outdoor spaces. The thought of actually having all of those areas to decorate (one day!) makes me salivate. Until then, I'll continue to take mental notes.

Oh, and word on the street is that Domino has resurfaced online - but guess where they've placed their home decor articles? Under the company's bridal website. I'm sorry, but there are actual readers of Domino who are not brides. Bad move. According to this article in Daily Finance, someone commented at Apartment Therapy  (another great website!) saying "I have no idea what a wedding-related website has in common with a decor mag, but I'll travel anywhere for Domino, including (Heck, I'll knock over a bride if I have to.)"

For now, this little lady is stickin' to Lonny.

until next time,