"Design in a Fast Changing Society"

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What's better than a cute dress?

A cute dress you can change each time you wear it!

In 2008, a product designer named Fernando Brizio created renewable clothing using felt-tip pens. By placing the different colored pens into pockets of the dress, the ink seaps in and creates an oval bleed. You're then able to wear it, wash it and make a different color combination for the next occasion.

all images from Design Boom

"I just need to get ready for dinner. Ya know - take a shower, do my hair and makeup - oh and color my dress. Be ready soon!"

For those of us who tend to spill (who me? heh.), a stain-on-purpose garment is too good to be true! I realize that the idea is not necessarily eco-friendly (that's a lot of  felt pens), but I think the "renewable" idea is more about re-using the dress itself.

Brizio showcased the renewable dresses in his exhibition, "Flexibilty - Design in a Fast Changing Society". To learn more about the the show and his process, check out the article in Design Boom here.

Crayola heaven or just plain silly? You be the judge. I'd say that regardless, it's pretty darn innovative.

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