Seasonal Color Palette

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A bottle of shimmery nail polish greeted me at my desk this morning. It was a gift from my co-worker. (so sweet!)

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It's name? "Icing on the Cake". I am determined to meet someone in my life and ask "What do you do?" and learn that he/she chooses nail color names. Because I will then, of course, proceed to make them my new bff so I can steal their job. Muahaha. No, but really, that's right up there with being someone who writes fortunes for fortune cookies.  I need that on my resume. Plus, it's not a secret that someone needs to get fired in that department.

Ahem, "Tomorrow is a new day". Really, Sherlock?

Although this pale color will be trusty in any climate, other shades tend to be targeted for a certain time of year. As I look ahead to the upcoming months and say farewell to summer, I must also bid adieu to my seasonal color palette. These past few months, my nails have loved: 
A Splash of Grenadine, Mint Candy Apple & Lilacism.

(yes, I have a thing for Essie .)

Now? I'm wearing my always-reliable Clam Bake.

On September 1st, Essie's new fall line will be available for purchase. In Stitches, Limited Addiction, Sew Pysched, Merino Cool, Velvet Voyeur, and my favorite - Little Brown Dress.

all Essie images from here.

So go out and rock those bikinis, whites & fun-fetti colors for a couple more weeks and when you reluctantly tuck them away, remember what's around the corner: 

grey knit cardigans, black boots, pumpkin-flavored treats, bright yellow leaves and maybe even a little brown dress.

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