Back to Square One

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The beginning of fall always evokes a sense of change and renewal. It's the time of year when we must brush off the more relaxed summer versions of ourselves and get back on track. Even if we are done with school, we still have that beginning-of-a-new-year cycle ingrained in our personal clocks that whispers...

..."It's time!"

Here are a few items that I find helpful in feeling organized with getting back to square one:

I have this calendar on my desk at work. I love it because you can fill in the dates yourself so you can start a new month/year whenever you please.

 Here's a great school planner with space to jot down class-specific to-do's.
MyPlan Agenda $20.00
 Are you a Mom trying to juggle work, football practice, piano lessons, carpool dates and never-ending grocery lists?
This is for you.
In addition to the month-at-a-glance section, the agenda also contains weekly pages with space on the bottom where you can label the boxes as you wish.
(with the kids' names, their after school activities, the babysitter's schedule, etc.)
MomAgenda $43.00
I used this desktop file during two important times of my life:
 applying to college and finding a job.
M.O. Expanding Desktop File $19.95
You pay bills online, you shop online, you post pictures online, you do everything online.
By now, you've accumulated 27 different versions of your original go-to password, to which you've added dates and extensions in order to fit the character-length-and-at-least-one-number requirements. If you're not blessed with a photographic memory and you've ever had the "maybe it's this, this one....darn, THIS one?" moment, buy or make some version of this notebook and keep it in a safe place.

Everyone needs a drawer or box to house all of the random doo-dads of life. It might not be the most organized compartment in your life, so at least make it a snazzy one.

Stockholm Office Storage Boxes $9.99

You can never have too many cute notebooks. Never.
Desktop Notes $14.00 

The bubbles on this to-do pad make for a very satisfying check mark.

  • Make those lists.
  • Organize your work space.
  • Wipe those slates clean.
  • Get back to square one.

Whatever the hell square one means.

until next time,


images & items from Russell & Hazel, See Jane Work and The Container Store.