J.Crew Factory

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I spent four years at boarding school in Lynchburg, Virginia.

One of the perks of this small town? And of having friends that were day students with cars?

The amazing J.Crew Clearance Store. (A bikini top for $2 and a bikini bottom for $1.50? Yes, please!)

I usually make an appearance at the J.Crew Sample Sales in the city, but I always leave seeking blood pressure medicine and a stiff drink. Thus, I am delighted about J.Crew's new, convenient and stress-free option: J.Crew Factory!

This weekends-only/limited-quantity sale is, in a sense, a mixture of the Gilt -esque shopping websites (except you have a weekend to scan/purchase, not what feels like 30 seconds) and an outlet mall (except it's on your computer).

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Sounds pretty great to me!

Happy shopping. Happy weekend.

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