Send a Smile

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Here I am at age 10, getting an art lesson from my brother. 

Ever since I learned how to fold a piece of paper in half, I've been making and personalizing cards. I've made Mother's Day cards, Father's Day cards, cards to send to my brothers & sister at college, Christmas cards, cards for Santa, birthday cards, i-colored-a-pretty-picture-for-you cards, thank you cards, Valentine's Day cards, penpal cards, high school alumni cards, invitation cards, and just-because-I-think-you're-great cards.

Did I mention I love sending cards?

Honestly, though, there is nothing like receiving a handwritten letter. If you think email is an equivalent substitute, ask yourself this:

Do you smile when you receive an email? 


Do you smile when you receive a handwritten card? 


Later this month, I will start my third class in Continuing Education of the Illustration Department at the School of Visual Arts. Thus far, I've taken Children's Book Illustration and Illustration Portfolio. Now? I'm about to start Greeting Card Design. I received my "student schedule" in the mail tonight and I couldn't possibly be more excited.

This is the course description:

This course will prepare students for the design, production and marketing of greeting cards and gifts in the "social expression" industry. Drawing skills are required; however, emphasis will be on concepts and ideas. Products will include: greeting cards, wrapping paper, postcards, paper party goods and stationery. We will discuss concept development, contracts, pricing, copyright laws, mass-market sales, freelancing and public relations. Students will complete a mini-collection ready for marketing. Information for card and paper companies, printing demonstrations and an introduction to industry standards and materials will be included, as well as how to prepare finished artwork for printing production.

The instructor, a winner of a LOUIE Award (the "Oscar" of the Greeting Card Association), has had many clients including:

Hallmark, Gibson Greetings, Portal, American Greetings, Ariel Publishing, Kodak, Macy's, Paramount, Target, Creative Expressions, New Creative Enterprises, Binney & Smith Crayola, Nordstroms, Keds, Mikasa, Limited Too, Harcourt Brace, Current Inc., Frances Meyer Inc., Marcel Schurman, Flomo USA, Scholastic, Really Good Stuff, Marian Heath Greeting Cards, C.R. Gibson

Needless to say, I'm looking forward to learning from what seems like someone with an incredible background in the industry. I love having assignments and direction with all of the many projects I want to somehow fit into my life.

I also look forward to sharing my experience with you! Stay tuned.

until next time,