Etsy: Fingerless Gloves

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NYC has had its fair share of bad weather this season. Besides the many little snow storms, we've also endured the snowpocalypse in December and then last night's thundersnow, a precipitation description I did not know existed until now.

With all this crazy weather, one must bundle up: down coat, waterproof boots, scarf...and gloves.

I don't know about you, but I might as well be wearing two sports' foam fingers when I wear normal gloves or mittens. I can't zip/unzip my coat or purse, I can't open my wallet, I can't hold the Metrocard correctly to swipe it through the turnstile, I can't unlock all four locks to get into my apartment, I end up dropping everything...I completely lose all dexterity! So what do I do?

I opt for frozen little hands.

*insert pathetic frowny face here*

Hmm, perhaps I am the only one with this dilemma. I see plenty of others not experiencing simiar difficulty. But let's be honest, they're probably the same people that are okay with sleeping in socks.

(Seriously though, how can people stand that?)

In case there is someone else out there that is also handicapped by "normal" winter accessories for hands, we have a solution:  fingerless gloves.

Sure your fingertips might get a little nippy, but at least you can function properly.

TempoDesigns on Etsy sells them for $25.

They are made-to-order and the store owner has many color choices available. Click here to purchase.

See? SJP must drop everything, too.

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