3 Things: Gifts, Gifts, and Mickey

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1. Gift ideas for the fellas:

a. Check out this great list of items at J.Crew.
b. Beer of the Month Club. Yes.
c. Plan a fun activity or getaway for the two of you. Make him a coupon that gives all of the details. If you're feeling extra creative, set up a scavenger hunt with hints that lead him to a final clue of what it is.

2. Don't forget your furry friends this Valentine's Day! Check out these gift ideas at Trixie + Peanut!

3. Remember when I told you about how I was so excited to take Greeting Card Design at SVA? Lo and behold, the school cancelled the class at the last minute due to low enrollment.  It was such a sad bit of news. There's nothing like getting your hopes up for something that doesn't work out. As disappointed as I was, those moments are necessary in life. They're a humbling reminder that we must surrender control and know that it will all work out.

After seeing the red flashing CANCELLED across my computer screen, I frantically searched the internet for a similar class and eventually found something in a graphic design department. I impatiently waited for confirmation, but I am now luckily enrolled in Greeting Card Design at Parsons. Did I mention I'm loving it? After only two weeks, I've taken countless notes and have been inspired to think in a completely new way about cards. So yes - it did work out. And I'm so very thankful.

I'm learning what to do - and what not to do.

For example, I used this picture on the front of a greeting card for one of my assignments.

Yes, that is me inside the basket. Let's not talk about the mullet.

It was a Mother's Day card. One that I would apparently be sued for making...

As my teacher said, "Don't f*** with Disney."

Alas, political & other public figures are fair game.

Mickey's forehead is not.

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