The Other 3 Sq. Ft. of My Home

apartmentVirginia HartComment
I recently shared pictures of my little room; here is the rest of my castle.
My oven, in which I store pans.
I never remember this little tidbit until after I preheat.

Yes, ladies & gents, up there in the corner is the infamous toilet room.
Note the proximity of the hot water pipe to the toilet paper holder.

I hung all those shelves with the help of my power drill
and tool belt.
I consider that accomplishment resume-worthy.

My office. (read: the other side of the kitchen counter)

My dressing room. (read: the hallway)
My bathroom.
Contrary to popular belief, a bathroom does not
necessarily include a toilet.
And this is where I brush my teeth.
This is the view from my room.
My closet is behind the wall of shoes.
What was that you say?
Psh, a girl can never have too many shoes.

until next time,