Final Greeting Card Design Class

illustration, inspiration, stationeryVirginia HartComment

Tonight is my final Greeting Card Design class at Parsons. Six weeks goes by way too fast!

In retrospect, I am so very happy that things worked out how they did and I ended up in this course. I have taken countless notes on the industry - facts, ways in which to think about cards, Photoshop tricks, how to print them in a greeting card format, how to present them, what sells, how to negotiate contracts, licensing and royalty payments, etc.

My teacher made us a thick folder of every greeting card company's information:  who to contact, where to send freelance submissions, what they specifically look for/prefer, suggestions/tips, etc. Also, many of them work closely with our teacher and we're able to use her as a reference - very excited and thankful about that!

I'm presenting about a dozen cards for feedback tonight, but here are four that sort of show the different styles I'm trying out right now. You may recognize a couple as older drawings I've tweaked.

[all images are copyrighted. please ask before sharing.]

I am very excited to continue this on my own now and perhaps turn my sketchbook full of doodles and ideas into something that can send a smile.

I will always hear my teacher's mantra in my head -

every reason to pick it up, no reason to put it back.

until next time,