Must-have for Spring & Summer - Tkees!

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Tkees (pronounced T-keys) are leather flip-flops made in Brazil that can be dressed up or down. They're more sophisticated than rubber flip-flops and they go with everything! Advertised as "cosmetics for your feet", Tkees come in the following shade categories:  liners, foundations, highlighers, shadows, lipsticks, blushes, glosses, creams, and polishes.

My personal favorite? The foundation colors that are designed to match your skin tone. They come in seashell, sunkissed, coco butter, beach bum, & mocha -- and they're $46/pair.

Here's what they look like (the last one is black):

image from here

Tkees are also a celeb-fave.

all celeb photos from here

Warm weather will be here soon! And you know you want a pair.


To see their main website, click here. To order from their online retailer, click here.

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