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Kendall was my favorite classmate in Greeting Card Design at Parsons. Her cards were always so inspiring and I absolutely adore her script - and I am very particular when it comes to handwriting.

I was so inspired by her calligraphy that I spent my flight home from Jamaica (where I had to sit in a separate row from my friend) writing the alphabet over and over in different styles with a calligraphy pen. The couple next to me must've thought I was nuts, particularly since I did this only after I awoke from my nap - my nap that abruptly ended with me smacking my head against the airplane window and jolting in a startled delirium. Anyhoo, I'm still learning how to even hold the pen! It's a lot harder than it looks and I applaud anyone that can do it so well.

Check out Kendall's Etsy shop here. She provides custom lettering and calligraphy service for weddings, save-the-dates, envelope addressing, place cards, menus, programs, table numbers, birth announcements, party invites, thank you cards, custom stationary or letterhead, and business cards.

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Isn't she talented?

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