Has Spring Finally Sprung?

NYCVirginia HartComment

I stumbled upon this on my street last night...

...and took it as a sign. I immediately ran home, grabbed my winter coats out of my closet and marched straight to the cleaners and sent them off to storage in NJ until next fall. Perhaps I'm toying with Mother Nature's cruel sense of humor, but I don't care. I'd rather freeze to death than wear down or wool anymore this season. As we all know, it's been quite the winter...

Things I'm looking forward to in the warm months of the year: open apartment windows, neighborhood strolls without a coat or jacket, Pinkberry dates, the High Line, running along the Hudson, Central Park picnics, dining outside, rooftops, painting on my fire escape, walking and exploring for hours and hours at a time, The Frying Pan, sandals, sunbathing on the piers, eating watermelon at weekend street fairs, sitting on my stoop and visiting with all of the neighborhood puppies, and the warm sun on my face.

until next time,