Happy Birthday to...

familyVirginia HartComment oldest sibling.

Thank you for being there when I'm too afraid to go alone.

Also, you need to know --

Thank you for teaching me how to draw. Thank you for reading The Hobbit to me over and over again even when I insisted that you use your many Middle Earth accents. (Methinks you're better than the real Gollum.) Thank you for making enormous and intricate maps and taking me on excursions through the woods and caves to find actual treasures. Thank you for letting me participate in your karate classes as the honorary little sister. Thank you for letting me bring the mask you wore in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to show & tell. (I'm fairly certain it was the first time little boys actually talked to me.) Thank you for making me believe in things I could not see and for reminding me to never stop dreaming. 

Thank you for taking my imagination and pressing the "ON" switch.

Happy Birthday, Chris. Love you.

until next time,