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Now that Blogger is back up & running and now that I am sadly done playing hostess during what was an incredibly fun weekend, I am back in action and ready to tackle this week.

What's on tap? Besides rain? (Good thing I have my trusty magic wand.)

The little lady is diving into another short class. Yes, just when I think I couldn't possibly cram another component into my life, I do. What am I thinking? I'm not.

This city provides so many wonderful opportunities and so much amazing talent from which to learn - and I just can't stop taking advantage of it. This week I will start a 5-week independent project class to learn the process of letterpress printing. I am hoping to explore another method of making greeting cards in addition to social stationery (announcements, invitations, gift tags, calendars, recipe cards, etc). One of my majors is in Printmaking and while it's been years since I've stepped foot in a printshop, I am very excited to return to a setting in which I practically lived my last two years of college. I have joined the Center for Book Arts on 27th Street (where I'm taking the course) and will now be able to rent studio space, if needed. Access to a press whenever I want? You have no idea how exciting this is.

Although my class doesn't start until later this week, I am brainstorming my own designs and feeling inspired by others'.

Check out Sesame Letterpress, a company based in Brooklyn, NY.
I love their intricate lines and professional feel.

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Check out Green Grass Press on Etsy.
 I love their sayings & simple yet joyful images.

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Sneak peak of one of my 5,467 ideas? 
I want to put this little candle I made onto gift tags!

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Stay tuned for more.

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