Summer Scarves for Under $10

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Scarves are no longer a winter-only accessory. They are a year-round fashion must-have. If I don't have one with me, even in summer months, I inevitably end up in an air conditioned venue wishing I did.

A scarf can also come in handy if you tend to spill on yourself and need to hide any mishaps.

Of course I'm not referring to myself! Psh, please.

I covet all scarves - whether from a street table in Chinatown or Love Quotes, pricey but fabulous.

Like always, though, I prefer a deal!

Forever21 has some great styles this season
that are all under $10.

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Are you someone that ends up looking like this after you put on a scarf?

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Refinery29 has a helpful guide on different ways to tie and wear them.

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