Hello From Virginia!

familyVirginia Hart3 Comments

I've had a wonderful and needed escape these past few days.

I've seen trees.

And grass.

And I've ridden in cars that don't have meters!

I've gone to the local TJ Maxx and Dairy Queen. (oh, the things I miss)

I've seen Bridesmaids. 
For the second time.

I've learned how to play Balderdash, relaxed both on rooftop and poolside, enjoyed fresh watermelon & homemade treats, and have even swung on a swing. (swinging, if you're not aware = guaranteed smile)

I've seen so many people that I love dearly and it's been absolutely incredible.

The reason I came home? My niece graduated from high school. Gasp!

Yes! She's not this little girl anymore. :( 

As part of her gift, I gave her these.

And now here she is.
A high school graduate! An adult! A little lady!

Love you, L. So proud of you.
And don't grow up anymore, k?
I will always be your "Ninny". :)

Do you need help with a graduation gift? Start with this.

I'm off to enjoy the rest of my time at home.

until next time,