Getting Through The Busy

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I'm back in NYC and I've hit the ground running. While attempting to not completely drown in a busy week of work and class and errands and to-dos (do you ever feel like you need a vacation after your vacation?), I must remember to enjoy the little things that keep me going through all of the hustle & bustle.

Here are seven of those things:

1. New iPhone addiction - Words With Friends. If you're not familiar, it's like Scrabble for your phone and you can play against anyone with your username - a competition particularly enjoyable when you're playing against someone who has never played Scrabble before...Ahem! ;)

2. June online issue of Matchbook Magazine - endlessly inspiring!

3. Doodling a picture on my phone of a mom & daughter during my commute.

4. Daydreaming about the day I will have a need for pretty plates, like the ones from Kate Spade. Great new collection, huh?

5. Watching Bethenny Frankel on Jay Leno when I can't fall asleep. Among other reads (I'm reading way too many books at once right now!) I've started her book,  A Place of Yes - I really like it. You can read an excerpt here.

6. H.Wood Beauty Lotion Candles - it's exactly what it sounds like! Made of soy, shea butter, coconut & other oils, the candle burns and you can dip your fingers in the "wax" part and apply as lotion. Click here to take a look. I have the Blood Orange scent and I carry it around with me wherever I am in my apartment.

7.  Eating Pinkberry for dinner. It is what it is.

it's watermelon AND salted caramel flavors mixed.
topped with raspberries, watermelon, & mochi.
sounds crazy, but it's scrumdiddlyumptious.

If you're also going through a busy week, I hope you have things that keep you smiling, too!

until next time,