Recent Adventures

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I wanted to share some of my recent adventures 
in this crazy wonderful city I call home.

on Broadway

I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this show -
fun-filled and jaw-dropping special effects.

Rainbow City
It's an installation / inflatable magical land right by the new section of the High Line

that's my friend - isn't she cute?

that's moi...
...and I swear we didn't plan the stripes.
Go here to see more.

Alexander McQueen's
Savage Beauty exhibition at the Met 

...and then I had to put my phone away.

...and then I saw quite possibly my favorite exhibition I've ever seen.

(It was very dark - at times chilling - but also whimsical 
and intensely clever.)

...and then I bought a book.

This will be a great coffee table book! 
Now I just need a coffee table!

The front of the book is a hologram.

creepy, yes?

I will only show you two of my favorites, because you really need to go see it all for yourself if you haven't already.

In the words of McQueen:

And yes, I wore my Alexander McQueen skull scarf like a total groupie.

 I had a gift card to use and picked this out two days before Kate Middleton wore her McQueen gown.
(A fashion premonition? I think yes.)

Click here to learn more about the exhibition. 

I also went to my favorite go-to brunch spot:
Cafe Cluny

image via

If you've ever visited me in the city, I have probably taken you here. I simply adore everything about this neighborhood restaurant from the summer ice cream stand outside the entrance to the waiters-in-stripes to the incredible food to the friendly ambience. 
You can check out their website here.

I've dined next to a few celebrities at Cafe Cluny, including Cameron Diaz, Mary Kate Olsen, Amy Poehler (my mother completely startled the pregnant Poehler with a "Haaayyyyyy!" you would shout to your best friend you ran into after not seeing him or her for 17 years), and yesterday, Stephanie March from Law & Order:

image via
she's beautiful!

I also saw two other random celebs this weekend:

Fred Durst
image via


Peter Dinklage -
 image via
- aka Miles Finch in Elf.

I am a huge fan of the movie Elf (my family seriously starts watching it come Halloween to properly prepare for the holidays), but as I attempted to stop him in his tracks, I couldn't think of a PC way to tell him that.

"You're the angry elf!" 


"You're in Elf!" 
(and he would hear "you're an elf!")


Instead, I just awkwardly walked in a semicircle around him like the spaz that I so often turn into.

So, that's about it. 

Go see Spiderman, Rainbow City, and Savage Beauty.

When you work up an appetite, go to Cafe Cluny.

And try not to scare the celebs.

until next time,