Back from the Beach

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I'm back from a long weekend in Virginia Beach
spent with people I love dearly. 
And boy, do I miss them.

We enjoyed the ocean, drank pina coladas & daiquiris poolside,
and ate seafood by the boats on the bay.

This was my dinner that night, before and after
 I attacked it with the impossible-to-use-crab-metal-cutter-thingamajig. 

"leg on lap, leg on lap!" (wink)

The last night, we watched fireworks from our hotel balcony.

It was a great finale to a weekend full of wonderful memories.

And then, of course, it was time to travel home...

I'll spare you the nitty-gritty about waiting on two planes on the runway for hours before getting back on the first plane
(one of those dinky ones with one seat on the left and two on the right)
and experiencing a terrifying & turbulent
 journey through heavy storms.
Let's just say that I am extremely thankful to the big guys in the sky, God and the pilot, for getting me home safely.

I also owe a big "thanks!" to a nice fella named David
who told stories to distract me and promised
 he'd be my hug partner if I needed one. 

Our world needs more of that -
- people who are willing to be hug partners.

In attempt to focus on the positive,
I'll show you some highlights of that day.

1. traveling is always more fun with pink luggage.
2. magazines, Harry Potter, a sketchbook, tomato juice =
recipe to remain a happy camper whilst
sitting on a stuffy plane on the runway.
3. always always travel in something comfy.
you just never know! ;)

until next time,