What Happens When I Deliriously Draw

illustrationVirginia HartComment

My plans to watch a movie on the Hudson last night were unfortunately ruined by the rain. (I was finally going to see The Fighter - shucks!)

I ended up crawling into bed much earlier than I normally do and proceeded to fall in and out of consciousness. I later woke up with a burst of energy, quickly discovering that tossing/turning/kicking like an indignant toddler wasn't going to do the trick.

So then I turned into my mother scrubbed the kitchen counter and plopped down on a stool and doodled, which eventually lulled me back to sleepyland. Tra-la-la.

It wasn't until this morning that I really looked at my doodles.

What an ever-so-cheerful trio...

Well hello, figments of my imagination. You are mighty strange.

I suppose this is what happens when I deliriously draw!

until next time,