Moments & Sights Lately

updateVirginia HartComment
 Here are few moments & sights lately,
caught by my iPhone.

- personalized stamps (make your own here!)
- a sunflower surprise
- fresh cherries
- a mini Sprinkles cupcake

    - homemade lemon & blueberry tart
    {look how perfectly placed those blueberries are!}
    - homemade peach & blueberry crisp
    - bowl of fruit love
    - heart-shaped waffles, the only kind Harts eat :)

      - bed of the press with one of my letterpress plates
      {fun fact: those blocks are called "furniture"}
      - shiny 2011 pennies
      - Statue of Liberty, up close & personal

        - i'm getting mighty skilled at packing lightly.
        - a wrist of luck & love for flying
        - "Red Hot Ayers Rock", by O.P.I

          - Nellie, my aunt's dog

          - Bethenny Frankel's latest, Skinnygirl Sangria
          - scones from the Irish Festival in Ohio
          - my cousin's cat, Ramsay
          - a sign on my desk - cheers!

             until next time,