A Few Friday Suggestions

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Just a few Friday suggestions:

Have you ever wondered what food is in season where you live? Go to this map; you can select your state and the month to find out what is fresh in your area.

This is a great DIY home project to create your own chevron rug!

My new favorite nail trend.

Egg in a basket topped with avocado? I know what I'm having for Sunday's breakfast.

In the mood for something sweeter? This crepe recipe looks de-lish.

I've seen this DIY color block pouch project all over the web after my friend mentioned it. We're hoping to give it a try. :)

Christmas is 135 days away. Want to get a head start on gifts this year? Here are 101 simple handmade gift ideas/tutorials!

A must-try before the end of summer in NYC? Imperial Woodpecker Sno-balls. Think fluffy-snowcone-in-a-chinese-delivery-box. The little pop-up store in the village offers a ton of flavors to choose from.

Here's what I tried this week:

birthday cake & dreamsicle flavors

When I was a little girl, one of my favorite things to do was color. I still remember how special I felt when my parents bought me the Crayola box of 96 colors with the built-in sharpener in the back. I memorized all of the crayon names - "robin's egg blue", "macaroni and cheese", and "purple mountain's majesty" being my favorites. (Here is a fun little fact-page on the their names over the years.) And yes, I was totally the brat that pulled out the tin of old/broken/fat crayons when hyper friends visited, keeping the special box of 96 sacred and sharp. If I went out to dinner with grown-ups and brought a coloring book, I'd sit and color page by page, remaining completely transfixed and occupied for hours. I even daydream about making personalized coloring sheets and books if I have kids one day...

What's the point of this rant, you ask?

People need to color more!, adults, tweens, YOU.

So that's your homework. Stop to smell the roses and stop to color a pretty picture. Don't have a coloring book handy? Don't think you have the skill to draw yourself a picture to color even though you totally do?

You can never go wrong with Winnie the Pooh. Click here to choose from coloring pages you can print.

And, just for fun, here are some William & Kate coloring sheets you can print, too! :)

Hope your Friday is simply stupendous.
until next time,