Just One of Those Weeks

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Guys, it's just been one of those weeks.

I returned from out of town and discovered evidence that a mouse had decided my apartment seemed oddly quiet and therefore the perfect time to break in and explore. A hysterical phone call to my mother and approximately 487 later, I sat in the middle of my bed and didn't move until morning. I turned my air conditioner to a loud and rattling high and tried to lull myself to sleep. I watched re-runs of I Love Lucy, listened to Enya, and even drank warm milk (ick!) to no avail.  Thankfully, Super Mario arrived bright & early to save the day. If you're just now tuning in, Super Mario is my superintendent. He and his poodle, Ricky Martin, are PDF. Pretty darn fabulous. Super Mario surveyed my apartment, ripped out my radiator and plastered the the critter's entry he found in the floorboards. Just as my week was looking up and I was able to behave like a normal human being that benefits from the act of sleep, I was notified by my bank that there was a suspicious charge on my account. Lo and behold, someone stole my debit card number and charged $800... I'm extremely thankful that my bank's fraud alert system caught it, but still - really? The whole cancelling your card/filing a claim/holding your breath that you'll get the money back/changing auto-payments/and waiting 5-7 business days for a new card ordeal, as I've discovered, is quite the pain. But it could have been worse. Plus, I was all excited as I was going to hire someone to clean my little apartment for the first time ever! It was going to be spick-and-span! It was going to be glorious! But then she turned me down because I don't own an electric vacuum cleaner. Because that, of course, would require room for an electric vacuum cleaner.

the little lady mastered
the pitiful look at age 4.
{image captured by my big brother, jon}

So yes, my friends, it's just been one of those weeks. The good thing about that, though? This week is almost over! Plus, who am I kidding? Why would I pay someone to strip me of the joys of cleaning? Psh! I got it.

- onwards & upwards -

until next time,