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today was like this:

{taken this morning at Starbucks}

It poured. 


 I'm not going to lie, though, I was in need of a rainy-nowhere-to-go-day. 

What did I spend most of my day doing? Let's just say that my apartment is so clean it's ridiculous. I'm not joking, you could eat off my floor. 

I think it's helpful to hear how others tackle certain chores so I wanted to share my favorite cleaning essentials:

1) Windex with vinegar is a great multi-surface cleaner
3) Murphy's Oil for hardwood floors
5) Swiffer - sweeper / dust & shine furniture spray
6) iClean for computer, cell phone, iPod, & TV

In need of a cleaning checklist? Here are free printables!

What fruit can help clean many different things? A lemon.

And what about all those cleaning jobs everybody hates? Like emptying the vacuum bag, cleaning out dead bugs in light fixtures, de-crumbing the toaster, cleaning ceiling-fan blades, disinfecting the kitchen trash can, dusting vents & radiators, cleaning behind the refrigerator, and scrubbing shower tiles? Real Simple has tips here.

Happy cleaning!

until next time,