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One of my very first posts was about planners. I'm someone that needs help keeping everything straight! Whether you're headed back to school, back to a busier life post-summer, back to juggling children with various schedules -- or even if you just need a good ol' kick in the pants about getting organized for the fall -- I want to show you something I think you'll like.

Erin Condren offers stylish & personalized Life Planners.

You can choose from covers like these:

+ more! In addition, there are other color options (some styles are even customizable) and you can add your own photo to the front. (And if you order now, you will receive the remaining months in 2011 inside the planner for free!)

a peek inside them:

other calendar options:
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Need an address book? Check these out.

Getting married? Look at the adorable wedding planners!

Are you a teacher? Does having an organized yet stylish lesson planner sound nice? Click here.

The website also offers growth charts, iPad stickers, photo labels/cards, coaching pads, journals, stationery, invitations, note pads, calling cards, and so many more customizable goodies.

Click here to browse for yourself or someone you know.

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