My Doctor's Note

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This is my doctor's note.
It reads: "Little lady has been swamped."
Figuratively and literally.

Apologies for my recent absence! There was an earthquake, and then a hurricane, and then rumors of a tornado (?), and also the same lovely allergic reaction I had here in my fourth ER visit. You know, like when my foot blows up to twice its normal size and it's burning and it's hot and I'm feverish and pathetically impaired?

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Let's just say that shuffling around Manhattan to prep for a natural disaster is easier with two operable feet.

After pleas from my family, I left town last-minute and hunkered down upstate while Irene did her thang. Since Irene's visit so rudely prevented any hopes of returning home on Sunday, I set out for my journey back to NYC yesterday morning. After a cancelled train, a missed bus, and fourteen hours in the car {yes. a huge "thank you!" to the fella who drove me ;)}, I finally made it home. For a distance that typically takes between 4 and 5 hours by car, it was one for the books. So many roads were shut down upstate due to flooding and damage and our travel misfortune became almost humorous when road after road after road was covered in water or fallen trees or just backed up for miles. At one point, though, we drove by Mohawk River and saw roofs peaking out of the water. It was, simply stated, awful. We also drove by a couple wrecks that required countless firetrucks and ambulances; we sat in a quiet car, quickly reminded how lucky we are. As much as this past week has tested my patience and stress levels, I remain so very thankful that all is okay. It could always, always be worse. While I'm happy that NYC dodged a bullet with the hurricane, I know that other areas weren't so fortunate...and my heart goes out to those people and their loved ones as they get back on their feet.

Stay tuned for more posts this week.

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