10 Years

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It's been a lugubrious and gloomy day here in NYC as we remember the awful tragedy that struck our country ten years ago, as we honor those incredibly brave souls who lost their lives on that terrible day, as we uplift their loved ones who remain tremendously strong as they carry out the memory of those lost, and as we pay tribute to those devoting their precious time and lives in protecting our nation.

I was not directly impacted by 9/11, but it was impossible to not feel the heaviness in today's air. Whether I was watching the reading-of-the-names on TV or chatting with strangers over coffee, I have spent most of today fighting off tears. In a time where we can't help but remember unimaginable hatred shown by humanity, it is empowering and inspiring to see such a diverse group of people come together out of love.

image tonight via @EverythingNYC and @chenrisius

I stumbled upon on the following on Twitter today & wanted to share:

I leave you with this.

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