Happy Friday!

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a finger doodle I made this morning using the Brushes & InstantCam iPhone apps


~a little fun for you~

Another use for nail polish? key coders.

23 inspiring hairdos from New York Fashion Week via Refinery 29.

Throwing a little kid's party? I can't imagine a cuter party favor.

Need something for your fella? Here are 25 DIY gift ideas for men.

Wait, did this cat follow us back from Colorado on our trip? Crazy! I just wish we had seen this.

Want to get into the seasonal spirit? Here are 101 festive fall tutorials!

Have you checked out the Sept/Oct issue of Lonny Mag? Do.

A recipe for homemade dog biscuits for your pup.

In a long distance relationship? Send some love. I've sent this card before - I think it's adorable.

Ever wonder what goes on in the mind of a 2-year-old? This is so funny.

Too expensive for me, but how awesome is this NYC scarf?

I leave you with this.

happy weekend!

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