I Love Birthdays

friendshipVirginia Hart2 Comments
I love birthdays.
I just love everything about them, especially when it's time to celebrate my favorite people in life.

Tonight is celebration numero uno for my dearest friend's
30th birthday!
I'm so excited to see her and make sure she's geared up for many smiles ahead and that she's brainstormed her

A group of us are staying in the Catskill Mountains next weekend for the main celebration and I find myself googling images like this and drooling:

image via

ahhh, I can't wait!

She's the type of friend who makes you laugh until you're huddled in the corner unable to breathe with tears streaming down your face, who'd sit for hours at at time and listen and talk in great length about something you're going through, whose sincere empathy is obvious at all times, who books a last-minute impromptu Jamaican getaway with you after a bad day, who pushes you to be the best version of yourself, and who makes you feel like no matter what happens, everything will be okay because you'll always have that friendship.

Let's be honest, she's one of the main reasons I've survived these past few years in NYC.

I love birthdays. It's not just about celebrating a new age. It's a necessary reminder to take time each year to celebrate the wonderful people in your life. I somehow have many more in mine than I deserve and for that, I feel like one lucky little lady.

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