My Mom's Visit

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If you remember, my mom came to visit!
And goodness...we sure had fun.
It was a jam-packed laugh-filled few days and
even though I only captured a few of the many memories made,
I wanted to share some of them here for you to see.

i like to write a little message on my chalkboard for guests, hehe.
a clean apartment for the woman who gave me "the gene" ;)
a free dessert at De Santos - scrumptious!
matching rainboots

we saw The Addams Family on Broadway!
pictured: Brooke Shields and Roger Rees
{they played Morticia & Gomez}

chocolate pearls - a gift from my mom that I absolutely adore
shopping in Jessie James in the West Village
after the show in Times Square
it's that time of year -- the time for pumpkin-shaped candy corn!

Florence Henderson + her signature in my book
{she gave me the sweetest compliment and it totally made my day!}
my favorite display in one of my favorite stores in NYC - Charles Nolan
Cafe Cluny breakfast sandwich never disappoints
and then my mother found my wig... "I feel like a rockstar!"
{I dressed up as Bella Swan two Halloweens ago when I was blonde.}
{yes, I somehow got permission to share this! :)}

she loved these refridgerators we saw on the sidewalk.
"tranquility" & "fate" at Buddakan. {great cocktail list!}
just us girls

my mother,
the most beautiful woman I know.

until next time,