Weekend in the Catskills

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nine of us celebrated my friend's birthday in the Catskills
and my weekend went a little like this:

sleepy train ride to Poughkeepsie
car adventure finding our house in the dark
roasted butternut squash sprinkled with cinnamon
giant purple Magnolia Bakery birthday cake
pom-pom socks
crackling fire
drinking coffee on the deck
listening to the Esopus Creek in the backyard
standing in the yard and breathing in the fresh air
standing there longer because I didn't want to move
hoping to catch a fish
no luck catching a fish
wearing big boots
sitting in the grass
pulling the grass out of the ground and holding it in my hand
card games
board games
laughing until I choked/cried from card games and board games
cucumber snacks
taking a drive to explore
visiting the farmer's market
baa'ing at baby goats in a field
burgers and hotdogs on the grill
funniest game of Catchphrase ever
two helpings of homemade spicy spaghetti sauce
warm apple crisp
roasting S'mores in the bonfire
dancing in the moonlight with marshmallow sticks
sitting on the deck and soaking in the morning sun
yard sale with live roosters
picking out pumpkins & cider
car ride back to NYC

we took lots of pictures this weekend, but here are a few moments captured on my iphone:

some people are recharged
by trips to the beach,
by traveling abroad,
by visiting big cities,

but me?

i may be a "city girl" now, but i grew up in the mountains -
and there's nothing that recharges me more
than that glorious mountain air... i'm really thankful I stood there longer, breathing it in.

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until next time,