Halloween Costumes

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It's that inevitable question this time of year...

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What are you going to be for Halloween?

I still remember my baker's costume winning an award in elementary school. Come to think of it, I still use the exact same wooden spoon I carried to, ya know, stir my SpaghettiO's. That fantasy clearly wasn't an accurate premonition.

{insert heavy sigh}

I've dressed up as everything from Patty Mayonnaise to Bella Swan to Thing 2. We've all scoured the internet and seen others' ideas, but it always still feels like a difficult I wanted to share some of the ideas I've seen & heard:

One suggestion is to just think back and pick out some of your favorite (or just ridiculous) movies, TV shows, etc. and dress up as a character or with a group of characters.

the Addams Family

a Double Dare Team

the Kardashians

the cast from Jersey Shore

the characters in the game, Clue.

Mary Kate & Ashley

Rocky & Bullwinkle

I bet Charlie Sheen will be a popular choice this year. (Wear khaki shorts, a two-toned bowling shirt, high socks and loafers. You need dark brown shaggy hair. Give yourself bushy eyebrows. Carry a bottle of "Tiger Blood" and say "winning!" a lot.)

You can also just be totally random.

Dress up as a tourist and wear a Hawaiian floral shirt, a camera around your neck, carry a giant map, and have a look of utter confusion.


Dress up as static cling and wear all white clothes and have random clothes (socks, etc) and dryer sheets safety pinned to you.


Dress up as Smartie Pants and hot glue Smarties candies to a pair of old pants and wear nerd glasses.


Dress up as the Hamburglar. Take some white pajamas and make wide horizontal stripes on them with a black marker or tape. Add a wide-brimmed black hat with a yellow hatband, a black cape, some red sneakers, red gloves, and a red tie with hamburgers on it. Wear a bandit mask (cut eye holes in a piece of black fabric and tie it around your face). Carry a McDonalds bag with a burger inside.

If I were a boy, I'd dress up as Dexter Morgan. (I finished season 1 of Dexter earlier this week and am seriously obsessed!)

Here are some neat costumes for kids.

Want to dress up with your dog? Do this.

Nothing cuter than babies in costumes. (My favorite dad/baby costume idea is Man in the Yellow Hat and Curious George!)

And when all else fails, dress up as the little lady in the big apple. ;)

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