High & Low of the Weekend

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Hello! How was your weekend?

Mine was busy, but good. I'm here to share my high & low moments from the past few days:

We'll start with the low...

low moment: I spotted Kris Humphries on 5th Ave after work on Friday and followed him (duh, that's what you do when you spot a celeb) until we were both waiting to cross the street. I told him that his wedding was beautiful (to which he replied, "thank you", as that's a normal comment from a stranger). Then I told him that I cried "so hard" while watching it. Whatever, I have overactive tear ducts (slash I'm the biggest sap there ever was). He was giant. And hearing his dopey-man-voice in person was surreal. And hearing his dopey-man-laugh after I told him how emotional I got during my four-hour E! Kardashian Fairytale Wedding marathon was embarrassinggggggg.

high moment: I finished printing my chevron plate with a different color for every month!

{my last printing step will be adding names of the month.}

In addition, I started a drawing project for a client that I'm very excited about. It was an art-filled weekend, folks!

Also, here's a quote for your Monday:

{this was on the front of a card I received from a dear friend.}

Have a smile-filled week!

until next time,