Hair & Nails

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So, I decided to mix things up last night...
by getting my hair chopped to a shoulder-length bob with side bangs!'s amazing how good a fresh haircut can feel, yes?

I also treated my nails to some love.
I wish I had a "before" picture to show you the difference...they were in terrible condition from the solvents I use in the letterpress studio.
(I'm talkin' straight up scary.)

"San Tan-tonio" by O.P.I.

{side note: people assume everything is more expensive in NYC, but a manicure? $10!}

Are you in need of a hair update, too? Here are the 11 hottest haircuts for women right now, according to Allure Magazine. Also, here are 10 fall hair ideas, 31 new hair ideas, and 10 easy date-night hair ideas.

Here is a video of Lauren Conrad showing how to make a fishtail braid.

Do you have a big event coming up? Or do you need inspiration for how to wear your hair on your wedding day? I think these are gorgeous!

P.S. A candy corn manicure for Halloween.

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