Last Weekend...

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...the boy & I went on another road trip.
{thankfully, we had much better travel luck than this time & this time.}

where did we go?
back to my roots!

We saw many of my family members in different towns, took tours of homes and farms, visited my boarding school, and even had a chance to catch up with my old NYC roommate and her family.

It was a jam-packed-whirlwind-of-a-trip and I loved every minute of it.

here a few glimpses from our excursion:

{the hood of the car Saturday morning - felt like Christmas!}
{my brother actually shared this picture of "the three musketeers" in his backyard the day before we visited. aren't they funny little critters?}
{yes, we milked the cow - hehe!} 

{Toto, I have a feeling we're not in Manhattan any more.}
top: my youngest nephew in his gopher hat.
bottom: my friend's son in his elephant Halloween costume.
aren't they both such cuties? 
{sidenote: I only got to see 9 out of my 10 nieces and nephews. :( Lauren, I missed you!}
{a few pictures from around my old boarding school}
{and the perfect sunset on our drive back to NYC}

Having the opportunity to see so many people & places I love
all in one weekend?


Holidays, I sure am happy that you're right around the corner -
I'm already itching to go back.


until next time,