One of Those Mornings

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I'm fairly certain that ninety-three percent of my closet's contents are now strewn across different surfaces in my apartment. Some mornings are a pleasant ritual of getting ready for my day while others are a disastrous battle zone. After seventeen wardrobe changes, I finally decided on an outfit that I had deemed appropriate for work.

(read: did not make me look too casual and/or like a ho)

Coincidentally, I picked the first outfit I tried on...but all was good, see, as I had managed to crawl out of combat alive.

And then I went to brush my teeth.

And my toothpaste tube was running low.

So I had to squeeze it extra aggressively.

And then blue sparkly goo shot straight onto my chest.

Did I mention that my shirt was white silk?

I'll let you construe my sentiment...

Please excuse me if I'm a little like this today:

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I promise to snap out of it at some point.

until next time,