Holiday Gifts: 3 Things Everyone Will Love!

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1. personalized stationery!

As you know, I'm a huge advocate for sending real mail.
Personalized stationery is a great gift for everyone on your list.
Ones pictured above are from here, here, & here.

2. photo gifts!

Taking a photo or a series of photos and turning them into a gift will be a guaranteed success. One of my friends gave me a special album on my birthday of pictures from a trip we took together (so sweet!) and I know I will cherish it always. Keep in mind that most people save their photos digitally these days so a photo gift is extra special. 
Check out these three websites for ideas:
Are you an Instagram addict like me? Use Prinstagram to print your photos!
A simple photo gift? Print a picture and put it in a nice frame. The recipient will love it.

3. activities!

Some of the best gifts aren't tangible.
They're activities, adventures, memories made --
trips, vacations, outings, dates, games, concerts, 
the gifts they'll actually remember.
Live in NYC? I suggest Rustico Cooking classes!
Here's the description of the class offered on 12/17:
This brand new Italian baking workshop is my way of inviting into my kitchen for a fun-filled afternoon of holiday baking, during which you'll not only learn to bake six very different, and very delectable, sweets... you'll get to taste them all, and bring some home for your loved ones to enjoy. We'll bake buttery rosewater-scented morsels from Sicily; anise-kissed white wine taralli, shaped like tiny pretzels, so good dunked in sweet wine; addictively crisp almond biscotti from the town of Prato in Tuscany; jam-filled pecan cookies that melt in the mouth; a tender fig and apple confection wrapped in the most amazing shortcrust dough ever; and delicate chocolate meringues, a favorite throughout Italy. After the baking is done, we'll enjoy a simple but fortifying lunch of orecchiette pasta with roasted vegetables, and a salad of greens tossed with balsamic vinegar and extra-virgin olive oil. And best of all, you can bring home a happy little package of cookies to enjoy later...

I hope this gives you a couple of ideas!

P.S. yes, it will be snowing on my blog for the month of December. ;)

until next time,