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a lot has happened recently and i'm here to fill you in!

i went on a holiday date last week with four fabulous ladies.
we went to opening night of The Nutcracker at BAM
followed by a festive gathering at a friend's apartment. 

one of the ladies has a book coming out!
she traveled the world for a year interviewing
men & women about their relationships,
exploring and questioning this post-dating world
in search for a better answer than "he's just not that into you."
 you can pre-order her book, The Gaggle, on Amazon.
to learn more about the book, click here.
and guess what? New Line Cinema is making it into a movie!
(ahhh! can't wait.)

also, the hostess (the best hostess around) made candied bacon chocolate chip cookies...
I know, I know - sounds completely wack, but they were incredible.
her recipe is here.



i hope my cards brought smiles to my loved ones!


the smell of oranges has always reminded my mom of Christmas -
- and thus, reminds me of the same.


a group of us threw a surprise party on Friday for friends
that are moving to San Francisco in January.
{no photo to show you, but their faces were priceless!}

sigh...I'm in such denial this lady is leaving.
pack me in your suitcase? please?

I got this pillow for their new apartment:

it makes me smile. :)


memories of a beloved dog named Jackson:

my good friends had to say goodbye this weekend
to this special member of their family after only 5 years;
my heart aches for their loss. :(
we'll never forget your loyalty & love, jack. never ever.


so, i follow naomi davis & her family's journey on her adorable blog.
(we're talkin' huge fan over here.)
as you can imagine, I was delighted to run into
her husband and baby during their nyc visit!

i have to admit, it's a little awkward
running into a stranger you know so much about.
i follow him on twitter, i know his wife just announced they're expecting,
i know that he has an affinity for french fries.
{stalk much? sheesh!}
josh was as nice as he could be, though,
asking about me and posing for pictures.
he asked for my help putting on eleanor's mittens;
she looked at me like "who, on earth, are you?",
but still totally melted my heart.
i tweeted the pictures to naomi and she tweeted me back,
wishing me a merry christmas.
hope she knows she totally made my 2011.


i bought new hair brushes for the first time
in a really, really long time.

thought you should know.


saw this sign in my local art store:

i dig it.


gifts from friends:

glasses for sundaes & shakes?
fun straws?
nail polish?
chevron for my iPhone?

obsessed! oh ladies, you sure do know me.
(thank you!)


p.s. i know this time of year can get a tad stressful with what feels like
 ~ so much to do, so much going on, so much traveling ~
remember to take a second and laugh a little. it helps.
I highly recommend watching these minute long clips of
"Sh*t Girls Say" if you haven't already seen them.
they're hilarious!
you can watch episodes 1 and 2 here & here.

until next time,