I'm Back in the Big Apple!

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{...well, for like 36 hours before I leave town to ring in 2012.}

Hooray! I miraculously made it back in one piece sans drama of the 2010 blizzard.

But it wouldn't be a little-lady-trip without some sort of nonsense. My mother, the most on-top-of-things-person-on-the-planet, set two alarms this morning, neither of which ever went off...

I have never been more thankful of my paranoia that causes me to do things like set a third back-up alarm.

iPhone, what did I do before there was you?

The train ride back to NYC was actually fine. It was packed out the wazoo, though, and I tried to not let the other panicking passengers increase my blood pressure. Every stop, people entered with a mad dash to find the optimum seating arrangement, which doesn't exist on a sold-out train. I sat in front of a blind woman who mistook my suitcase at the end of the car for hers before we got off at Penn Station. I hobbled towards her, insisting she had the wrong one, and helped find hers. And then I watched as she exited the train, 40 times more gracefully than I. I must have appeared completely incapacitated trying to maneuver my heavy bags since a man approached me and asked if he could help me with my suitcase. "Oh, thank you, THANK YOU! I really appreciate it!" As we inched up the way-too-skinny escalator, the man looked at my large white box, smiled, and asked me what kind of dog I have.


"That's a sewing machine."


I made it to the street and was so very thankful it wasn't snowing or raining or freezing cold. Despite not being able to physically lift my bags in unison, I still had that going for me. I pushed my suitcase along the sidewalk and stood there for 15 minutes unable to get a cab. A black limo pulled up and asked if I needed a lift. It wasn't white, it wasn't a party stretch size, and it cost only $30 instead of last year's $50. But I did it!

After making friends with the Haitian driver, who asked if he could take me to Haiti in February {"How about I just take your word for it that it's a lovely place and I'll go with my buddies sometime?"}, I was at my apartment. And after heaving my bags one by one up the stairs,




For only enough time to unpack and repack! :)

Here are some images from the past few days:

oh, that Santa!

looking forward to taking pictures on something besides my phone!

this morning's sunrise.

driving over Afton Mountain.

driving down memory lane...
...and past my old sorority house.


view of the big apple from the train.

After seeing loved ones and the inevitable goodbyes, I sure am thankful I get to return to where I do.
Seeing that skyline somehow makes it all okay.

until next time,