A Saturday Well Spent

NYCVirginia HartComment

As mentioned in previous posts, I ventured to the Brooklyn Flea this weekend. My friend & I began our unseasonably warm Saturday at Gemma at the Bowery Hotel. Well, let's rewind. I got there first and awkwardly tipped over the barstool, sounding a loud clang throughout the entire restaurant as I nearly fell over. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever develop the proper motor skills to overcome my klutzy ways. The universe usually retorts with a big fat "nope!"... We had a delicious brunch, though. I highly recommend! (If you order tea, they will bring you a big beautiful teapot!)

We then booked it to Brooklyn (that's an overstatement considering the majority of the subway lines were under construction this weekend, making for a snail-paced commute) and checked out the BK Flea.  Isn't the space beautiful? During winter, the market resides in an old bank. Vendors even set up shop inside the downstairs vault. Other markets I recommend? The Young Designer's Market which has ever-so-conveniently moved to my neighborhood! 

After we explored, we headed back to Manhattan for a little pampering. My friend had soon-to-expire coupons towards facials at the Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa on 5th Ave. I'm a novice when it comes to spa treatments, but I can assure you it was pretty spectacular! I feel like the NYC air takes its toll on my skin so the process was definitely needed. I was successfully able to turn my mind "off", too, which rarely happens. I spent the rest of the weekend crossing things off my list and working on a series of portraits I'm very excited about. :) Hope to share soon!

until next time,